The Laners


Here are four tracks from our latest CD for you to check out. We hope you like them.


You can get copies of the CD from us at any of our gigs but, if you can't wait until you see us, leave a message on the site via the "Contact Us" page and we'll get in touch with you.

As well as recording our own CD, we were also in the studio with Graeme Knights adding backing vocals to his latest CD "Along The Way" in the company of  The Young 'Uns, GU4 and Barrie & Ingrid Temple.

Here's the full track listing:


The Landlord's Jack

Clay Cross Tunnel

A Sailor's Life

The Stixwold Harvest Song

Time Ashore Is Over

Bring Us A Barrel

Last Trip Home

Guard Yer Man Weel

Daddy Fox

The Price Of Coal

A Tolpuddle Man

Coal Not Dole

Shine On, Please Shine

Only Remembered