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Suggested photograph and programme notes

You should be able to download the photo below by clicking here, which will bring up the photo in a new tab, and then right-clicking on the photo and copying the image. The text below can be downloaded just by clicking here. If you have problems with this, please contact us.

The Laners have been entertaining audiences in pubs and clubs and at festivals for more than thirty years, and have had various formations during that time. In the main, they’ve been a four-piece group but have been a trio since 2011. The current members are Clive Brooks, Pete Grassby and Dave Tarry (now the only original member). Most of their material comprises English traditional folk songs but they also sing some shanties and an increasing number of the many fabulous contemporary songs that are coming into the tradition. Almost all of their songs have big choruses, so audience participation is mandatory; just sitting and listening is not an option.